Massage Therapy in New Bern, NC

Massages are an incredible and relaxing way to decrease muscle stiffness, enhance sleep quality, and improve circulation. By kneading your skin, muscles, and tendons, our massage therapist at Uplevel Bodywork in New Bern, NC can help you feel cool, calm, and collected as you leave your stress behind.

Uplevel Bodywork is proud to provide you and anyone you know with massage therapy to help you feel amazing and complete, especially if you are battling anxiety or chronic pain. With a massage service, you will have the peace and rest you deserve.

Our Massage Services

To ensure your massage meets all of your physical and emotional needs, a variety of treatments are offered. From a customized or Hot Stone massage and more, your massage therapy will be tailored to you.

Our Customized Massage is perfect for anyone wanting a therapeutic and Deep-Tissue Massage. Designed to bring treatment to particular focus areas, your therapist will effectively relax any muscle that is tight. Hot Stone Massage also alleviates tight muscles as the heat from the stones improves circulation and reduces pain.

If you are interested in a deep-pressure massage, you should try our Ashiatsu massage. With this massage, your therapist will use their feet to invoke relaxation in your whole body.

Whatever pain or anxiety you are looking to relieve, you are covered. Thai Massage relieves pain through acupuncture, and Prenatal Massage can help any woman in the second or third trimester of pregnancy.

However, before you arrive at your appointment, be sure to browse the spa etiquette page for all the information you may need.

Uplevel Bodywork is here for you and your needs. No matter what you are enduring, this spa provides space and an atmosphere that allows you to rest and relax.

If you are ready to be relaxed and rejuvenated, contact Uplevel Bodywork today by calling (252) 665-2633. You can also send us a message through our contact page to book an appointment.

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